Welcome to the blog!

I am Dan MacIvor and I am thrilled to release my new website and the blog. My intention is to provide you with information and resources available to small businesses in their quest to grow. Challenges pop up along the way and we are going to use this blog as a forum to discuss these challenges and pass along valuable insights.

Solopreneurs, new startups, and young entrepreneurs struggle getting that first “cookie out of the jar” on the path to revenue growth. Here is how I have worked with business owners successfully grow their businesses.

- Setting goals and your growth vision culminating in the creation of your mission statement.

- Cashflow challenges? Let us talk about the principles of cash flow.

- Does marketing seem daunting? I will work with you on your value proposition and focus on marketing your uniqueness.

- Selling in 2020 is a new frontier! We will discuss building a sales process, team, and methods to strengthen and grow your business.

- Learn how to work “ON” your business, not “IN” it and get more time back in your life.

Are you ready to learn how to make your business better and healthier?

At ActionCOACH, I am driven to help companies improve their business and focus on time management, team building, and profitability. I do this through a series of coaching programs and, of course, through our premier ActionClub Business Re-Education Program.

How do I get started?

Do you have 30 minutes for a virtual cup of coffee and a little education? Sure, you do! Access my calendar to schedule a time to talk about your company’s future. Keep a look out for more blog posts and if you have any suggestions for topics or questions that are on your mind, just email me and I will get right back to you.

To your success,


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