How to Execute on Your Goals

In my last blog post, I talked about the importance of putting your goals together and setting a plan for 2021. Today we’re going to talk about execution, and execution starts with commitment. You just simply have to commit to your goals.

I think it was Ken Blanchard that said, “the difference between interest and commitment is interest is something that you do when it’s convenient, commitment is something that you do excepting no excuses, only results.” So let’s get that mindset. Let’s visualize your goals every single day. Let’s take that plan, and let’s put it into our daily calendar and make it actionable. Let’s just simply commit to it - No excuses.

The second thing that’s important to commitment is accountability. Tell everybody about your goals, tell everybody what your plan is - tell your friends, your family, your colleagues, your team, tell everybody! Just that simple act of telling people about your goals will make you far more likely to achieve them. And then take a step further, find that individual to hold you individually accountable - your peer, a coworker, a coach, whathaveyou. And make it your responsibility to sit down with your team members on a regular basis and coach them to the overall organizational goals and their goals as well and hold them accountable.

Finally, and critically important, is reward. When you hit your goals, recognize and reward. Reward yourself, recognize your team, and put a reward system in place. So in the spirit of accountability, here’s what I like to do I’d like you to do. I’d like you to write one goal in the comments and leverage this entire community to help hold you accountable for hitting that goal.

That’s it for today, until next time, and to your success.

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