Mike Metzger, Property & Casualty Specialist at MetLife Testimonial

"I made the decision to work with Dan, and I have no regrets! Even though I don’t technically own my business, he has helped me shift my mindset to thinking like a true entrepreneur. This has inspired me to look at my work differently—implementing new systems and processes to be more efficient, developing strategic partnerships with other business owners and salespeople, and also helping to sharpen my selling skills. I no longer feel that I am stagnating, but that I am growing both personally and professionally.

My numbers don’t lie either. This past quarter, I hit my quarterly sales bonus for the first time. Also, the month of November is usually one of the slower months of the year, but this past November turned out to be one of my strongest of the year! I think the most important aspect of working with Dan has been the accountability he requires of me. I have been reading sales books and listening to positive podcasts for years, but I would always stop short of taking true action. Meeting with Dan each week has forced me to find time to work “on” my business consistently—because I’ve made the decision to invest in myself, I absolutely refuse to let even one weekly session go to waste.

If you are falling short of your business goals in any way, whether you are an owner or a salesperson, don’t go at it alone. I tried that for years and spun my wheels. Take action with Dan MacIvor, I recommend him highly and wholeheartedly!"

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