I attended Dan's GrowthCLUB in Q2&3, and I just had to share some of my results because this blew me away when I actually did my numbers:

  • - Clients increased by 84%

  • - Team growth of 32%

  • - Retention rate increased


- Julie Hock-Takac, Owner of TakAction

Health Coaching

As a new business owner, I question everything I do before and after I do it, hoping that was the right move. Dan's class brought some clarity to the decisions I make. His energy is contagious and his knowledge is impressive. I know how to be an electrician, running an electrical contracting company is a completely different ball game. If you are a master of your trade but do not have an MBA or business experience I highly recommend investing in Dan.

Angelo Caruso, Owner of Caruso Electrical Contracting

"Dan listens, period. He spends the time to understand your business, your challenges, and your strengths. From that, he builds a plan to help grow your business, build a successful team within your organization and in the community, and finally gets you more time living your life.  Take the time to meet with Dan; it is time well spent."

Karen Lombardo, Owner of Put Another Way, LLC

Signing up for business coaching with Dan Macivor is one of the best business decisions that we have made since starting our business a year ago. While we might know our industry, we have never been business owners before, so navigating how to embody that space and successfully grow our business has been such a relief and rewarding experience through Dan. Entrepreneurship is a lonely enough road, so to have someone there who truly cares about your success and is there to offer brainstorms and solutions to the hurdles that inevitably come up makes that road easier to follow.


One of the many things that we like about Dan, is that unlike a lot of self-proclaimed "coaches" Dan walks the talk. It is extremely clear that he has busted his butt to get himself to where he is today through his sales career and has had to overcome many obstacles to get there, experience that is invaluable when coaching the ultimate sales game: starting a business. His advice always comes from a place of humility and "realness." It is also evident that Dan is doing this, not to make money (he already succeeded at that), but because he's passionate about it, which just brings a whole other level of wisdom and unbiased advice to the table. Signing up for coaching with Dan has paid for itself in spades! And we continue to look forward to see our ROI increase with him! 

New Scotland Development Team

My name is Ray, I’ve worked for someone else for the last 25 years and last year I bought a franchise.  I had never owned a business before and realized after I started that there’s much more to owning a business than having a business card with your name on it that says 'Owner.' 


I met Dan through the local Chamber of Commerce and spent time with him talking about my business, how long I’ve owned it, and what my goals were.  Once I had a chance to see how Dan and ActionCoach work and how he can help my business, I decided to sign up for his class.  Dan has an easy teaching style and offers a step by step process to evaluate where your business is and what processes and procedures need to be developed for your business to help you succeed. 


Dan’s enthusiasm for his work is infectious and ensures that the learning experience is enjoyable.  Like many people that start a business, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, now I have a straightforward approach to evaluate my business, set my goals, and ensure my business and I will be successful. 


I’d highly encourage anyone that’s looking for a coach to consider Dan and ActionCoach.   


- Ray Shafer, Oasis Senior Advisors

"Working with Dan has helped me focus - focus on who my clients are, on getting my vision clear, and create a solid plan to get things started for my small business. I continue to work with Dan because he cares about my success as a business owner, but as a person as well."

Gail Witte, Owner of YoGail Studio

"I've got over 30 years of experience in the building trades, and frankly home inspecting came pretty easy to me, but what hasn't come easy is owning and running a business. What ActionCOACH has to offer is a very easy-to-use, very comprehensive plan used to diagnose and deconstruct those areas that are running inefficiently in your business and could use some work"

Jamie Verner, Owner of Verner Inspection Group

The value in Dan is that he's changed my whole perspective, and given me so many tools to reach my dreams, to achieve my goals, in ways that were particular to me. Everyone works a little bit differently, and he understands that.

- Heather Mach, Owner of Rising Canine

Dog Training

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