Julie Takac - GrowthCLUB Results

Updated: Feb 22

Julie Takac of TakAction Health Coaching Services attended our GrowthCLUB in both Q2 and Q3, and recently reached out with some impressive results.

"My name is Julie Takac I own TakAction Health Coaching Services. I have owned my business for about eight and a half years. I love what I do, but I found that I was struggling a little bit and I participated in Dan MacIvor ActionCoach's GrowthCLUB for the second quarter at the end of March 2020.

And then I did it again for the third quarter, and I just have to share some of my results because really this kind of blew me away when I actually did my numbers. My clients increased by 84% - 84%! And not only was it the clients that increased, but it was also the retention rate, they stayed on as clients longer. My team had a growth of 32%. In the last two quarters, I'm pretty blown away by those numbers. And here's the thing - I love my business. I love what I do. I consider myself to be pretty organized and I'm a planner. However, I really didn't have a clear plan in place and understanding where I was coming from, where my starting point was and how to get to where I wanted to be.

That plan was absolutely essential for creating the growth in my business. So I just want to come on and and encourage you, if you are on the fence about participating in GrowthCLUB. It's my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner and I hope to see you there! Thanks."

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