We're Almost There - Check-In + Resources for Your Business

These past few weeks have been stressful for every New Yorker, but particularly hard on all the business owners trying to operate at half speed. We've been applying for loans, communicating with our customers, and keeping track of the notorious infection curve. 

I wanted to reach out to provide some resources that might be helpful to you as well as a breakdown of my upcoming events. 

  1. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put together a PDF guide on who's eligible, how much money you can claim, and the opportunity for loan forgiveness. View the full document here:

  2. Complimentary 90-Minute one-on-one sessions to help create a plan for your business to 'Survive and Thrive' over the next few months of uncertainty. Contact me via phone or email to reserve your spot today. 

  3. We have two complimentary webinars coming up that are packed with strategies to help your business through the next 90 days and accelerate your business as we come out the other side.

  4. You're invited to join any of the upcoming events I'll be hosting this month. All are scheduled to be held virtually, but that is subject to change should restrictions be lifted prior to the event.

April 29th @ 12 PM - Crisis Averted: COVID-19 Special Webinar

The 11 Steps You Can Take to Prepare for the Coronavirus Economic Panic.

May 5th @ 4 PM - 6 Steps to a Better Business Webinar A 75-minute seminar on the six steps you need to take to create a profitable business that can operate without you.

And I am starting another 13-week session of ActionCLUB starting on April, 30. This is a business education program focusing on the fundamentals of business management and operations. If you are great at what you do but need some help with the “business” aspects, please contact me to learn more about this program.

I appreciate you being a part of this community, and please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything I can do to make these next few weeks easier for you.  To your success,  Dan MacIvor Action Coach

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